World Bridges
The tremendous movement toward economic globalization, the ever-increasing recognition of trade as economic life artery, and the fast growing interactions between business enterprises has rendered a clear opportunity to create a focused trading business.

Based upon solid business concept and verifiable merits, WBT was incorporated in November 2011 in Singapore with affiliated offices in Egypt, Dubai and Romania. The engagement in the trading business takes advantage of established trade criteria in targeted countries demonstrating economic growth, consumption, geographical excellence, access to historical trade routes and existence of untapped economic opportunities.

Existing business drivers in the Far and Middle East are represented by:
Vision Statement
Establishing a trading company where pillars of creativity, business acumen, and sustainability are the foundation of profit-oriented and socially-sensitive organization. It is the conviction of the company shareholders and management to emerge as one of the leading trading conglomerates in the targeted regions with targeted global presence Through trustworthiness, integrity and relentless
Mission Statement & Objectives
commitment towards business associates, WBT have engaged in trade transactions utilizing its human, financial and networking strength in prioritized business sectors, which are:
Trade methodology includes import / export, export management, distribution, light processing & packing, shipping, financing, warehousing as well as forming reliable and effective trade alliances with global partners for the aim of diversification, expansion and sustained business growth.

During the year 2014, WBT was successful in establishing strong links in the seafood and Rice trade business worldwide reflected in current and future transactions with India, Singapore, Argentina and Europe mainly supplying the Egyptian market. As a result, a cold storage facility was acquired in Dubai for handling and storage of the Seafood variety and plans for further dry goods warehousing are in progress in Dubai.

The timber business has grown in Romania’s local market through the acquiring of a processing facility enabling increased exports to Egypt and Dubai in the near future.

Chemicals’ trading was also active with two transactions in 2014 with a local partner in Egypt.

In addition to the existing expansion potential, WBT is actively seeking a diversified business portfolio in 2015 and beyond enabling the engagement in further trade activities in the targeted GCC markets.